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Mona is a place to sell your skills

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In a matter of minutes, you'll have a unique page to share your skills.

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Links, events, video calls, and digital products — you choose what to share and sell.

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Mona uses Stripe to process payments. You can cash out at any time.

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Handpick your own styles and build your page in minutes. Need a hand? Use our tasteful templates.


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Your page will look great on any screen.

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Pick what you want to offer and name your price — creating an offer is simple and flexible.

Deep insights

Understand your audience

Find out what offers are most in demand and who your most-valuable customers are using Mona insights.

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Services and profiles

Alice Byron
Digital Strategist
Hayley Woods
Nutritional Coach
Jessie Harris
Personal Trainer
Daily Marketing Tips
Chat subscription •  £36 monthly
Digital Marketing Playbook
Digital product •  €24
Weekly Nutrition Webinar
Event  •  €16 monthly
Portfolio Review
Video call  •  $64
Growth Hacking 101
Chat subscription  •  £20 monthly
Service Design Workshop
Event  •  $64
Pixel Perfect Iconset
Digital product  •  £25
Growth Marketing Consultation
Video call  •  $120
Private Yoga Lesson
Video call  •  €50

"A fantastic way to connect with clients effectively,  and more importantly — privately"

Miriam uses Quorum to coach retailers all across Ireland. She checks-in daily, shares advice, answers questions, and builds stronger relationships with her clients.

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How do I get paid?
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Payments on Mona are processed securely using Stripe. As customers pay for your offers you will build up credit which will appear on your Mona account. You can cash out your credit at any time using the admin dashboard.

How much does it cost?
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Having a Mona account is free. When you make money on Mona, we take 4% of your revenue, plus a Stripe payment processing fee.


What's new in Mona?

Size matters

Mona links are now 33% shorter — which is incredibly important when adding them to your bio. We still have some first name usernames available — grab one while you can.


We’ve added link as another to share content on Mona. Whether it’s a website, affiliate link, blogpost, or something you were featured in — you can now add it to your page.

Giving back

Some of our users wanted to use their earnings to give back. We've added a charity badge for users who want to donate their revenue. Request a donation badge for your profile.

Our investors

We’re fortunate to be working with some of the incredible investors behind companies like Calm, Figma, and Revolut.

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